Teresa Da Matta Goncalves

Teresa Da Matta Goncalves is the Principal and Sole Owner of ALPHA  BUSINESS BROKERS which she founded in 1984. Teresa has 46 years of solid Business experience in different fields.

Teresa gained Financial Experience at the beginning of her career in the Banking field and is able to assist clients in this sector.   

Teresa has owned various Retail Businesses and understands the need and expectations of Buyers and Sellers alike.

With this experienced background she is able to assist and give advice to clients in the Buying and Selling of Businesses.

Teresa’s Business experience gained through Business Management has given her the knowledge to successfully conclude a Business Sale and to provide an exceedingly Professional Service  to both Sellers and Buyers and is always willing to be of Service to Sellers and Buyers.


Manny grew up in the Retail Business eventually ventured into his own Retail business.

Manny also went into the Farming Business and was a part time Agent at the City Deep Market in Johannesburg; where he gained his skills in sales and negotiations which he enjoyed and discovered that his passion was in the Selling and Buying sector.

Manny joined Alpha Business Brokers in 1989 and became a  Business Consultant and has successfully bought many Buyers and Sellers  together and concluded many Business Sales.