Frequently asked questions

Buying a business can be very exciting and daunting at the same time, therefore we have compiled a few questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions for first time and experienced buyers. If there are any other questions then these can be directed to our experienced business brokers.

This would depend on what working experience you have and how this knowledge could be applied to the prospective business to ensure its growth and sustainability.

Businesses vary in prices due to the following factors:
•Franchised Businesses sell at higher prices as they are in demand and enjoy the support of a Franchisor who regulates the standard of quality of goods and prices.
•Location plays a factor in the pricing; is the area high or low risk and is the area affluent or located in a mall.
•Trading Hours. A Business that is closed over weekends would also sell at a higher price.
•Net profit is the driving factor for obtaining a selling price as this is the reward for owning your own business.
•The list of assets would also be a factor in the selling price.
•Specialized businesses would obtain higher prices due to the fact that certain skills are required to trade
•Is there a demand for the specific business in the current economy as there are certain trends.

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•If you would like further information about a business listed on our website then you can email us at: with the relevant listing numbers and we would provide further information regarding the business.
•An appointment can be scheduled at our offices with one of our specialised business brokers, whereby we would require you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement in order to protect the seller as he would be disclosing confidential information regarding the business which cannot be disclosed to a third party